Sativa cannabis strains are the most popular among daily users, as they produce brain-stimulating effects and boost energy levels. These varieties of marijuana tend to keep users uplifted and energised among other beneficial effects.

Sativa grows much taller than indica plants, as it reaches up to 25 feet. It comes with thinner branches, long and narrow leaves, and very soft seeds. Another major difference between sativa and indica is the time needed for the plants to develop. Indicas need a bit more time to grow than sativas.


Sativa cannabis strains were first discovered in hot regions, such as India, Thailand, Mexico, Cambodia, Laos, Colombia, Vietnam, Nepal, the Philippines and southern Africa. However, many sativa specimens come from Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Jamaica, and Hawaii.


Although many people associate marijuana with being “stoned” or couch-locked, these effects don’t come from using sativas. In fact, sativa strains promote an uplifting and energizing high, which is accompanied by intense cerebral buzz. Cannabis lovers praise sativas for their ability to induce chattiness, euphoric mood, and laughter, which makes this variety ideal for social activities.

Because sativas raise your energy levels and boost creativity, they come in handy for morning and daytime use. If you like to wake n’ bake, you simply can’t go wrong with a sativa.

To sum up, a sativa can make for a perfect daytime strain, as it elevates both creativity and energy while allowing users to get their things done easily throughout the day. Medical marijuana patients who need relief from their ailments without getting drowsy turn to sativa plants for help. Speaking of which, let’s shed some light on the medical benefits of sativa strains.


Best Leaf OK - Sativa Properties

Sativa strains are more energising and bring up a nice cerebral high, one that can work wonders for people who need a strong boost of energy, creativity, and positive attitude.

Further, sativas can help you stay focused on activities that are generally considered dull, which is yet another reason to choose them over indica strains.

Given their energising and uplifting nature, sativa strains may prove invaluable for treating depression, fatigue, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, and more. Whenever you seek help in medical cannabis for daytime use, make sure that you keep some pure sativas, or at least sativa-dominant hybrids at hand.

Best Leaf OK - Sativa Top 3 Strains


Green Crack is the world-famous pure sativa cannabis strain that comes with a tropical, sweet and citrus flavor. As for the aroma, Green Crack smells like sweet mango with earthy and citrus hints. The nugs come in gorgeous green color and are covered with bright orange hairs. With up to 23% of THC, the strain induces strong cerebral effects, providing a significant energy boost, which makes it ideal for morning and daytime use. Besides its rich THC content, Green Crack comes with a nice level of CBD, ranging between 4.22% and 4.49%.


OG Haze is another sativa cannabis strain worth trying. A cross between OG Kush and Purple Haze, OG Haze comes with 12% to 15% of THC. Such moderate amounts of this psychoactive compound make the strain an ideal choice for first-time marijuana users.

The buds look fluffy and they smell like pine and diesel. OG Haze induces creative high, uplifted mood and boosts energy while promoting socialization and laughter. You can also expect a nice, relaxing body buzz and a strong appetite boost.


Durban Poison is a pure sativa that derives straight from South Africa. Despite having moderate THC content (between 13% to 17%), the strain can kick pretty hard. It instantly promotes a strong cerebral sensation that will put a smile on your face the second THC enters your lungs. Medical marijuana users will find Durban Poison useful in relieving stress, depression, and eating disorders.